human evolution


A jawbone found in the Rift Valley in Ethiopia has ignited debate on the timeframe of human evolution, writes Darren Curnoe.

Race 1

The issue of race has been in the news, but the idea that human races even exist fails to stand up to scientific scrutiny, writes Darren Curnoe.

Darren 2

A TV documentary about the discovery in China of the remains of a new species of prehistoric human, featuring UNSW scientist Darren Curnoe, airs on ABC TV this week.

Head 1

The claim that a newly discovered 1.8 million-year-old skull from Eastern Europe overturns a decades-old paradigm in human evolution is wildly premature, writes Darren Curnoe.

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The discovery of the Red Deer Cave people by UNSW's Darren Curnoe has been named the world's top archaeological research finding for 2011-2012 at the inaugural Shanghai Archaeological Forum.


Discoveries in human evolution, such as the Australopithecus sediba remains, get a disproportionate amount of attention in science journals and the media, writes Associate Professor Darren Curnoe.