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Australia could end its decade-long trend of incarcerating more women by copying initiatives adopted in the United Kingdom, a former British politician suggests.  

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Aboriginal women only make up between 2% and 3% of the female population. But their rate of imprisonment has soared to a record high of 35%, writes Elizabeth McEntyre.

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Changing public opinion away from imprisonment and towards its alternatives requires informed and considered debate, write Paul Simpson and Tony Butler.


Prisoner numbers in NSW have little connection with crime rates, which in most categories are falling, writes David Brown. 

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NSW imprisonment rates have skyrocketed to an unprecedented high despite a drop in crime rates. But do more prisoners equal a better society? asks Eileen Baldry.

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If crime rates are falling, why has NSW recorded its highest ever rate of imprisonment, and where's the evidence that it's worth the extra cost, asks Eileen Baldry.