Indigenous astronomy

Luke Steller teaching students how to find fossils

As Perseverance prepares to launch for Mars, two UNSW PhD students look back on a field trip that gave Indigenous high school students a behind-the-scenes look at the rover’s upcoming mission.


Disney's Moana is a remarkably accurate depiction of how Polynesian peoples navigate by the stars, and draws attention to the richness of Indigenous astronomy, write Duane Hamacher and Carla Bento Guedes.

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Many of our country roads were originally mapped out by Indigenous Australians, writes Robert S. Fuller.


In Australian Indigenous astronomical traditions the celestial lights of Aurora Australis are associated with fire, death, blood, and omens, writes Duane Hamacher.

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Working with Aboriginal elders to learn about Indigenous astronomy will lead to new insights about natural events and meteorite impacts in Australia, writes Duane Hamacher.

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The science of astronomy has existed for thousands of years among Indigenous cultures and contains practical information essential for survival and cultural continuity, writes Duane Hamacher.