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Spring has sprung at UNSW this week with a group of mature-age Indigenous students exploring a fresh start to their education at the Nura Gili Spring Forum.

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COFA will offer scholarships and workshops for Indigenous artists valued at $120,000 over the next four years, under a new partnership with NSW Parliament.

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Medical student Murray Haar wants to reduce the rates of chronic disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities - a commitment that has won him an AMA Indigenous scholarship.

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Jenna Owen, the first Aboriginal optometrist in NSW - and only the second in the country - has graduated from UNSW with a first class pass.

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UNSW academics Pat Dodson and Megan Davis have been selected to an expert advisory panel that aims to secure constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians.

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Attempts at reconciliation against the backdrop of the racially inspired Northern Territory Intervention is just another strategy for assimilation, argues Professor Patrick Dodson.

UNSW researchers have developed a new national strategy aimed at eliminating syphilis and reducing other sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses in Indigenous communities.

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UNSW legal academic Megan Davis is the first Australian Indigenous woman to be elected to a UN body.

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Dr Sarah Maddison is heading to North America on a Churchill Fellowship to investigate different models of Indigenous representation.

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UNSW's largest Winter School to date has prepared 150 Indigenous students for future tertiary education.