The conviction of Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok on blasphemy charges is a sign of the tensions at the heart of Indonesia’s legal system, writes Melissa Crouch.


Better knowledge about the local market helps Indonesia's ridesharing startup Gojek beat Silicon Valley tech company Uber, writes Nick Wailes.

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When ordinary Indonesians see the “big boys” engaging in corrupt behaviour and getting away with it, they are less likely to be good tax paying citizens themselves, write Chris Evans, Arifin Rosid and Binh Tran-Nam.

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A minority sect in Indonesia had its village burnt to the ground on suspicions it was connected to terrorism. The targeting of this group represents just one incident in a long pattern of vigilante violence, writes Melissa Crouch.

Indonesia Australia diplomacy

Despite the dominance of security issues and geopolitics in the media, on the business side of things Indonesia and Australia are long-standing economic partners, writes Tim Harcourt.


The UNSW Business School will bring together top entrepreneurs in Jakarta this week to share insights into the future of business in Indonesia.

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As in Australia, the process of abolishing the death penalty in Indonesia will take time, led by people with a deep commitment to the value of human dignity, writes Patrick Earle.

Death penalty

Australia must avoid retaliating in the wake of the Bali Nine executions in ways that could negatively impact the lives of ordinary Indonesians, UNSW trade expert Tim Harcourt has warned.

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UNSW business students are heading to Indonesia in July for a Global Business Practicum thanks to New Colombo Plan scholarships.