Hult Prize

Two UNSW teams are bound for Boston and London after reaching the regional finals of the Hult Prize – the world’s largest social enterprise competition offering a prize of $US1 million.


The PLuS Alliance brings together three leading universities to help find research-led solutions to global challenges and expand access to world-class learning.


Malcolm Turnbull’s 'ideas boom' failed to mention copyright rules and regulations, crucial to all the agendas included in the innovation statement, writes Kathy Bowrey.


UNSW researchers and alumni are among the newly minted Knowledge Nation 100 – the “visionaries, intellects, founders and game changers” who will shape Australia’s prosperity.


The National Innovation and Science Agenda released by Malcolm Turnbull this week is the first important step along the path to significant structural change in Australia’s economy, writes Les Field.

Carl Cincinnato

Health is not something we appreciate until we lose it, says UNSW alumnus Carl Cincinnato, who has taken the leap into entrepreneurship with an online program to help reduce the frequency of migraines.


Governments help best when they nurture businesses beyond the startup stage, writes Jenny Stewart.


UNSW has welcomed the launch of a $50 million investment fund to help bring to market the innovative research and technologies developed at Australian universities.


If we really want to secure prosperity into the future we need take a long, hard look at why Australia has long been floundering at the bottom of the OECD league table for university–industry interaction, write Ian Jacobs and Kevin Cullen.


You can’t have an innovative nation without investing in science, writes Merlin Crossley.