International Refugee Law

Australian Human Rights Awards 2022

UNSW Scientia Professor Jane McAdam was given the Law Award at the 2022 Human Rights Awards.

Behrouz Boochani

Behrouz Boochani discusses how his inhumane treatment as a refugee led to his movement of 'resistance knowledge'.

Scales of justice in front of Australian flag

This case is important because it represents a rare litigation win for an asylum seeker. He doesn't automatically get the right to stay in Australia, but he's won damages — and that's unusual.

Renata and Andrew Kaldor

Andrew and Renata Kaldor, former refugees who have used their career success to influence refugee law and policy, have been recognised for their exceptional contribution to society.

refugee boat

Australia is signatory to a number of international protocols that deal with people smuggling, so officials could fall foul of these if it's proven they paid smugglers to turn a boat back to Indonesia, writes Tamara Wood.


International co-operation is the only way to address global refugee crises, writes Jane McAdam.