international security

US Australia alliance

The Green's position on defence is untainted by an appreciation of the serious threats facing Australia, writes Alan Dupont.

Cyber Security attack

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is aware of the cybercrime threat, but our allies are further ahead, writes Greg Austin.


Joy and good tidings are in short supply after a year overshadowed by bloody massacres and terrorist outrages, writes Alan Dupont.


The asylum-seeker debate is simplistically and erroneously framed as a humanitarian or national security issue when in fact it is both, writes Alan Dupont.


The ­WikiLeaks and Snowden disclosures have been detrimental to the interests of the Western ­democracies, writes Alan Dupont.

Isil 1

If Islamic State is to be defeated it must be exposed for the totalitarianism it is, writes Alan Dupont.

Alan Dupont inside

Professor Alan Dupont, one of Australia's foremost strategic thinkers, will join UNSW to head up a new institute on international security.