Jai Galliott


Australia's decision to spend $7 billion on six MQ-4C Triton remotely piloted aircraft revives the nation's involvement with drones – and the ethical questions that come with them, writes Jai Galliott. 

data security

New legislation will soon require organisations to disclose any data breaches involving your private details. But the legislation still has gaps in it, writes Jai Galliott.

killer drone

Attempts to define and prohibit autonomous weapon systems may hold back weaponry of significant value in improving international security, warns Jai Galliott.

fighter jet

Given the Joint Strike Fighter's litany of delays and technical problems and suggestions its superiority has already been superseded by autonomous aircraft, it would be prudent for Defence to reduce the number it plans to procure, writes Jai Galliott.

Australian Navy

Australia needs a high-tech shake-up of our defence strategy, writes Jai Galliott.


The open letter signed by more than 12,000 prominent people calling for a ban on artificially intelligent killer robots is misguided and perhaps even reckless, writes Jai Galliott.


Invoking Hollywood paranoia about a "robopocalypse"' when talking about robots' role in waging war could hold back life-saving technology, writes Jai Galliott.