James Morley

Malcolm Turnbull

Is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull right to say that Labor plans to increase taxes by A$100 billion over ten years? James Morley investigates.


No matter how one cuts the data, there's no evidence that conservatives are better managers of the economy, writes James Morley.

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The concept of economic growth is being reshaped by endogenous growth theory – the idea that growth can be determined by boosting knowledge and population as much as building bridges and highways, writes James Morley.

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The Shadow RBA Board recommends what the Reserve Bank should do, not predicts what it will do, writes James Morley.

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Minimum wages might be okay, but progressive taxes are better at tackling income inequality, writes James Morley.

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The Federal Reserve is winding down its quantitative easing programs and all eyes are on it to see when there will be “liftoff” of the federal funds rate from zero.