Jeffrey Knapp

lock information

Keeping public information about companies locked up behind paywalls and maintained by private interests is not in the public interest, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

Dick Smith

There is a lot for senators to pore over in the float and failure of Dick Smith, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

audit, accounting

Australia's big four accounting firms need to support transparency in what they do, not just in what they say, says Jeffrey Knapp.


The notion that revealing how much big companies pay in tax might expose their CEOs to kidnapping is just one of the more colourful arguments in a litany of bogus excuses for non-disclosure, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

Jeffrey Knapp

Something is slowly killing our tax base, but what? UNSW’s Jeffrey Knapp and Fairfax’s Michael West are on the case. 


Debt and deficit will continue until the worst of all the disasters is attended to: the disclosure disaster, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

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Hancock Prospecting's financial reporting practices are questionable, but what is more disconcerting is how little ASIC does to enforce the reporting requirements of the Corporations Act, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

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There is no excuse for the pattern of black holes in the financial records of Australian companies, including online betting companies, writes Jeffrey Knapp.