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We are suckers for numbers. But they don't always tell the whole story, writes Jenny Stewart.

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Managers are advised to be decisive. But sometimes the best thing to do is nothing, writes Jenny Stewart.


There is no doubt that plebiscites are powerful indicators of public opinion, but when it comes to complex public policy questions, they can detract from good decision-making, writes Jenny Stewart.


Alarm bells are ringing as the ACT government continues to buy key rural properties, writes Jenny Stewart.


To increase public transport use requires a holistic approach, writes Jenny Stewart.


Governments help best when they nurture businesses beyond the startup stage, writes Jenny Stewart.

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Contrasting the recent history of the dairy and milk-processing industries in Australia and New Zealand is illuminating, writes Jenny Stewart.

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Recent changes at ABC Classic FM raise key policy issues relating to the ABC's role and relationship to its audience, writes Jenny Stewart.

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In the world of public policy, constant changes that are politically induced do not lead to good outcomes. Just look at the policy on Aboriginal Australians, writes Jenny Stewart.

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For too long, the debate about Australian higher-education has been fixated on who pays for what, when and how. We need to pay as much attention to intellectual outcomes as we do to financial ones, writes Jenny Stewart.