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Pushing through regulations like mandatory condom use in the US pornography industry will be no easy feat in a country where civil liberties are fiercely protected, writes Kath Albury. 

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Indonesia's recently proposed "virginity tests" illustrate the tendency to blame or punish women for more liberal attitues to sexuality, writes Nasya Bahfen. 

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Australia's coal exports have tripled in the past 25 years. It's our dirty secret that neither side of politics is willing to address, argues David McKnight. 

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The legal penalties associated with sexting are too harsh, and adult reactions can increase young people’s sense of shame, UNSW-led research has found.

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The largest study ever undertaken in Australia to investigate the production and consumption of recycled water will be led by the Journalism and Media Research Centre.

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A new report by the Journalism and Media Research Centre argues that self-regulation is the key to managing convergent media in Australia.

The launch of a new report on convergent media by the Journalism and Media Research Centre, will provide new foundations for the national debate.

UNSW's Journalism and Media Research Centre has become a key partner in Australia's only Centre of Excellence in the humanities.

A world expert on democracy, the University of Westminster's Professor John Keane, will deliver a public lecture at UNSW next week (Tuesday, 18 November).