Joe Wolfe

Joe Wolfe brick demo

Physics Professor Joe Wolfe is popular among students for dramatic lecture demonstrations. Out of class he researches the mechanics of the human voice and composes music.


Professor Joe Wolfe from UNSW’s School of Physics explains why our bodies are even more amazing than what we see in the night sky.

Joe Wolfe brick demo

High school students can better prepare for university science, engineering and technology courses, with the launch of UNSW’s first science Massive Open Online Course on the Coursera platform.

Orchestra inside

The UNSW Orchestra will celebrate its 100th concert with a new work by UNSW physicist, Joe Wolfe.

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Physclips, a set of multimedia learning and teaching materials developed for introductory physics, has won the Physics division of the 2007 Pirelli Prizes for Science Communication.

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An Australian-designed robot clarinet player has won first prize at an international orchestra competition.

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The days of ringing a taxi company only to speak to a machine which fails to recognise what you are saying are numbered, according to a UNSW researcher.