Kate Patterson


Colour is a powerful tool for scientific storytelling, even if it's not quite true to the science, writes Kate Patterson.


I like deadlines and deliverables. They punctuate my projects and force me to package my work into consumable chunks that are necessary for sharing and showing my work, writes Kate Patterson.


Science by stealth is one of the most powerful strategies for a visual science communicator, Kate Patterson confesses.


Modified and ‘polished’ images may not represent scientific discoveries purely, but they are as close to the truth as we know, writes Kate Patterson.

Woman Using a Samsung VR Headset at SXSW

My personal relationship with Virtual Reality technology has progressed at lightning speed. And while I love viewing content in VR, it is the research challenges I find the most exciting, writes Kate Patterson.

health poster

 Stripping away fancy computer generated graphs and oh-so-neat sans-serif fonts and replacing them with homemade visuals can open up whole a new way of engaging with science, writes Kate Patterson.


Biomedically-trained artists are a growing group of practitioners globally who can enable cross-disciplinary conversations, writes Kate Patterson.