Kathy Bowrey

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The new 2022 Fellows have been elected in recognition of their excellence in the social sciences.

A sign that says "open"

The idea is publicly funded Australian research should be free for the public to read when published. But if it means taking money from universities struggling for research funding, that poses risks.

social media myths

A disclaimer in your social media profile, ‘retweet doesn’t mean endorsement’ will not protect you from possible prosecution, warns UNSW Law expert.


Australian authors can relax about our copyright terms, they're not changing. But that's not to say our importation laws shouldn't be shaken up in a way that could actually benefit authors the most, writes Kathy Bowrey.


Malcolm Turnbull’s 'ideas boom' failed to mention copyright rules and regulations, crucial to all the agendas included in the innovation statement, writes Kathy Bowrey.