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They prevent more deaths than almost any other single hospital intervention, but implementing Medical Emergency Teams in hospitals was no easy task.  

End of Life

One third of patients near the end of their life received non-beneficial treatments in hospitals around the world. These included initiating chemotherapy and providing emergency surgery, write Magnolia Cardona-Morrell and Ken Hilman


Rethinking the way we approach end-of-life and understanding why people are ingrained risk takers are the focus of two TEDxSydney talks by UNSW experts this month.


Death is one of the final taboos in medicine, but UNSW researchers are proposing a practical rethink around end-of-life care for the elderly. 

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Researchers and clinicians from UNSW Medicine dominate a list of staff and alumni whose achievements have been recognised with Australia Day Honours.

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Detecting and treating patients before they have a cardiac arrest isn’t rocket science, but it’s a life saver, writes Ken Hillman.