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An international forum to address widespread exploitation of low-paid migrant workers in the Asia Pacific region will be held at UNSW on Tuesday 21 October.

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The anti-terror bill, which allows journalists to be jailed for reporting on intelligence operations and lets ASIO spy on computer networks, has sailed through parliament with dangerous speed, writes George Williams

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SOGI’s Story – a UNSW-led educational comic book and video project about same-sex love and discrimination – will help tackle stigma and violence in 16 African countries.

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The social stigma around wearing the burqa in Australia means it is as good as banned anyway, writes Zeinab Zein.

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The asylum bill introduced into Parliament last week is an extraordinary display of disdain for international law – and its fundamental misunderstanding of it, writes Jane McAdam.

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It's not enough for our elected leaders to say that anti-terrorism legislation is "above politics" – we must insist on there being proper scrutiny of any new laws, writes Fergal Davis.

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New laws aiming to prevent Australians engaging in conflicts in foreign countries may place a heavy burden on people who need to visit designated places for innocuous reasons, writes Sangeetha Pillai.

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The power of intelligence agencies to invade Australians' privacy could be about to dramatically expand, warns Keiran Hardy.

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Law, as a field, can be transformative. Innovation isn’t just about new balance sheets or new apps, it’s also about the collaborative way we see the world, writes Fleur Johns.

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Australia can learn lessons from America's decade-long experience of justice reinvestment when considering how to reduce the prison population, write Melanie Schwartz and Chris Cunneen.