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Legal experts are “united in pessimism” about the collection and use of big data and its impact on privacy, according to a communications surveillance-themed edition of the UNSW Law Journal.

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The world's richest countries – including Australia – have turned their back on moves to rein in amoral 'vulture funds' that prey on nations who cannot pay their international debt, writes Ross Buckley. 

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The federal government may have to release or process thousands of asylum seekers, following a High Court ruling that sets significant new limits on the policy of indefinite detention, writes Joyce Chia. 

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The UNSW-based Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative has welcomed a new global report signed by dozens of world leaders that calls for the decriminalisation of drug use and possession.

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A gaping hole lies in Australian law - there is no tort, or cause of action, enabling a person to sue for infringements of their privacy, writes George Williams.

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Admiral Chris Barrie has described Australia’s asylum seeker policies and treatment of refugees as “a mess” which reflects badly on all Australians. 

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How far should we go in recognising our first peoples in the constitution? Professor Megan Davis says true “recognition” must be more than “mere poetry” in a preamble. Read the full story in Uniken.

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A penalty of five years’ imprisonment for a person who discloses information relating to a special intelligence operation would have a chilling effect on media freedom, writes Keiran Hardy.

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Australia is in the midst of a free speech debate that threatens to go nowhere, writes George Williams.

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Philosopher and author of 'Romulus, My Father' Raimond Gaita will deliver UNSW Law’s Justice Talks public lecture on 4 September.