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The Abbott government will soon make two very significant appointments to the High Court, arising from the retirements of Justices Kenneth Hayne and Susan Crennan, writes George Williams.

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Australia's efforts against terrorist activities would be better served by improving our understanding of how terrorism itself is financed, writes Stephen Dametto.


In the 1980s, Australia ran "in-country programs" in strife-torn countries to rescue refugees in humanitarian need. There's no reason why these people smuggling alternatives couldn't happen today, writes Claire Higgins.

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The Federal Parliament's anti-terrorism measures reveal a shallow adherence to freedom of speech and an unwelcome, authoritarian streak on behalf of the government, writes George Williams.

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The Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law will hold its inaugural conference on Monday 3 November, highlighting the critical need for international cooperation to deal with irregular and forced migration.

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is the beginning of a second international economic architecture, and Australia should and must be involved, writes Ross Buckley.

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Arts/Law graduate Sean Lau will explore the role of Christian ethics in public issues like responses to child abuse and climate change as the state’s newest Rhodes Scholar.

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Gough Whitlam led a government that mixed controversy and turmoil with unprecedented achievement, writes George Williams.

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Mike Baird has announced changes to the state's political finance laws,but they may be overturned by a constitutional challenge lodged by former Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy, writes George Williams.

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There is an old truism about prisons: if you build them, you will fill them. But there are better ways to invest in a better, safer society, write Sarah Hopkins and Gino Vumbaca.