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When it comes to the treatment of children fleeing persecution and torture, we are stuck in time, writes Madeline Gleeson.

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The High Court’s approach to decision-making has reflected high levels of agreement between its members, with an increase in unanimous decisions in 2014, an annual study of the court’s decisions has found.

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Last week saw the swearing-in of Geoffrey Nettle as the High Court's 51st justice. But a dated rule means he must retire in less than six years, writes George Williams.

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Inspired by her family's Aboriginal activism, Teela Reid has switched teaching for law and landed a coveted role working for Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum. 

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The High Court decision on asylum seekers detained at sea turned on a technical reading of statutory provisions. The fact remains that Australia is accountable internationally for its actions, writes Jane McAdam.

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Metadata regulation is needed, but the legislation before the Australian Parliament contains major flaw, writes George Williams.

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In class actions where there is substantial risk, the challenge is to ensure lawyers fees are charged in an appropriate manner that is fair to both lawyer and client, writes Michael Legg

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A dynamic duo from UNSW Law has won the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Geneva.

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This atypical and aberrant case is not a good basis for launching yet more interference with the Bail Act, writes Nicholas Cowdery.

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Emily Burke will join her friend and colleague Sean Lau at Oxford University after winning UNSW Law’s second Rhodes scholarship for 2015.