Les Field


Professor Les Field, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, has announced he will step down from his leadership position at the end of 2017 after nearly 13 years in the UNSW Executive.

science research

Australia needs stronger STEM skills and knowledge in parliament so politicians can understand the basics underpinning today’s significant issues, writes Les Field.


The new minister for science Arthur Sinodinos has some challenges ahead, but there is an opportunity to build on the foundations laid by his predcessors, writes Les Field.

Les Field

Graduates with STEM degrees have better employment outcomes and the skills and technology grounding needed to succeed in the world of tomorrow, writes Les Field.


Australian researchers engage in collaborative programs with both the UK and the rest of Europe. So what does Brexit mean for those collaborations?


The latest figures show Australia does not fare well compared with other OECD countries on federal government funding for research and development, write Merlin Crossley and Les Field.

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Australian society will be the biggest loser if the CSIRO is forced to abandon its blue-sky work, writes Les Field.


The National Innovation and Science Agenda released by Malcolm Turnbull this week is the first important step along the path to significant structural change in Australia’s economy, writes Les Field.

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It is an opportune time to join all the links in the innovation-research-development-translation chain, writes Les Field.


To secure Australia’s future and protect the country’s research capability, the Turnbull government needs to make science policy that transcends political lines, writes Les Field.