Madeline Gleeson


In the latest issue of UNSW Magazine, we meet our three new Deans and hear about the creative and innovative thinking that is their driving force.


A new book by Madeline Gleeson reveals the reality of life for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. 

Manus Island

This week's PNG court judgment on the illegality of Manus Island is a scathing indictment on how the Australian and PNG governments have conducted themselves since 2012, writes Madeline Gleeson.


The PNG court decision is likely to have profound implications for Australia’s offshore processing regime, writes Madeline Gleeson.


This week's High Court judgment on the legality of offshore detention on Nauru has been reported as a “win” for the government. However, things may not be that clear-cut, writes Madeline Gleeson.

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When it comes to the treatment of children fleeing persecution and torture, we are stuck in time, writes Madeline Gleeson.