Mahatma Gandhi

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Ela Gandhi has delivered the 2015 Gandhi Oration, saying her grandfather's teachings are more relevant than ever, with Islamophobia, terrorism and climate change standing in the way of peace.

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Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, will deliver UNSW’s 2015 Gandhi Oration on Friday 30 January.

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Leaders today can learn a lot from the Father of Modern India if their aim is to motivate people to get behind a cause, youth leader Karan Anand has told an audience at UNSW's Gandhi Jayanti event.

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Internationally acclaimed Australian author Thomas Keneally will deliver UNSW's 2014 Gandhi Oration on 30 January.

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Ela Gandhi will discuss her grandfather's legacy of nonviolent resistance, social justice, and respect for the environment in a free public lecture at UNSW.

A photographic exhibition at UNSW, on loan from the Consul-General of India, chronicles the life of Mahatma Gandhi.