Mark Humphery-Jenner

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Bank shares soared 4% to 7% after the royal commission report. That could be because it will do them little harm.

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The share market jumped after Scott Morrison won the leadership, and for once the jump seems to mean something.


In a national advertising campaign, the Australian Bankers’ Association claims banks belong to all of us. But is that true? Mark Humphrey-Jenner investigates.


Mark Humphery-Jenner examines ASX rules and other legislation requiring companies to disclose any information that could affect the price or value of shares.

video game movies

The vast majority of video game movie adaptions are commercial and critical failures. So with big budgets, dedicated fans and real talent involved, what's going wrong, asks Mark Humphery-Jenner.

stock exchange

It's with a sense of familiarity – and dread – that we greet AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner, writes Mark Humphery-Jenner.


Brexit's presents some problems for startups in labour, trade and regulation but its not all bad, writes Mark Humphery-Jenner.

Same-sex marriage

There are potential long-term economic consequences if Australia fails to legalise same-sex marriage, writes Mark Humphery-Jenner.

overconfident CEOs

New research shows executive bravado can increase the chances of a securities class action by as much as 25%.