Matraville Sports High School

Closing the other gap

Meaningful engagement with Indigenous knowledge in education is vital for reconciliation. 


For aspiring teacher Courtney Thompson, UNSW’s Australia-first partnership with a local high school has been instrumental in shaping her career.

Matraville Sports High School students

The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership creates Australia’s first high school-based university centre aimed at tackling academic and social disadvantage.

Matraville Sports High School

​​UNSW has joined forces with Matraville Sports High School in a unique partnership that creates Australia’s first high school-based university presence aimed at tackling academic and social disadvantage.


Thanks to knowledge from his elders, La Perouse community’s first indigenous PhD graduate in microbiology, Dr Shane Ingrey, is using modern science to shine a spotlight on the medicinal potential of local plants.

Matraville Sports High School

It has turned out football stars and foreign ministers, yet Matraville Sports High School has struggled to attract students. Now, with help from UNSW, it is reclaiming its place in the community.