Merlin Crossley

Merlin Crossley

New data published by UNSW on offers will help students find degrees that match their expectations, writes Merlin Crossley.


The ATAR finishing-line photo captures only one angle for university admission, writes Professor Merlin Crossley.

Michelle Simmons ARC

All UNSW's top news stories, from quantum computing dollars to a warm welcome for new Deans and dignitaries.


My hope is that new technology – and more feedback – will ensure that lectures at universities will be good ones, and teaching will get even better, writes Merlin Crossley.


An international research team has discovered an important new genetic target for the development of possible treatments for the common inherited blood diseases sickle cell anaemia and thalassaemia.


One simple story about butterflies illustrates the complexity of ecosystems and the importance of research in preserving biodiversity, writes Merlin Crossley.


Gene editing is a game changing technology, and the fact a summit of experts is already discussing its ethical and governance issues is a strong sign it will be used responsibly, writes Merlin Crossley.


You can’t have an innovative nation without investing in science, writes Merlin Crossley.


Try omitting the word 'strategic' from your vocabulary – you might find nothing really changes, writes Merlin Crossley.

children science

What do we need to do to get more young people interested in science, asks Merlin Crossley.