Paul X. McCarthy

Nick Kyrgios

After analysing posts from 100,000 Twitter users, our research used big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to reveal the hidden personality traits underpinning thousands of jobs.


Masayoshi Son's business model offers valuable lessons on how to make it in the high stakes world of tech, writes Paul X. McCarthy


Cross-border tech deals are on the rise, meaning the usual expectations on acquisitions are changing, writes Paul X. McCarthy.

geospatial data

People in all manner of professions from real estate agents to stockbrokers and doctors are recognising the huge potential of unconventional data, writes Paul X. McCarthy.

open data

Transparency and open data may be an important part of the solution to corporate tax avoidance, writes Paul X. McCarthy.


In a business environment that has seen industries decimated by the rise of digital, one sector showing resilience is books, writes Paul X. McCarthy.