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If health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is to be achieved, Australia must continue to focus on increasing the numbers of Indigenous doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, writes Peter Smith and Tammy Kimpton. 

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Technology-enabled medical education allows us to pool resources so we can offer students our collective best, write Peter Smith and Dror Ben-Naim. 

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The new UNSW MD finally recognises our graduates at an academic level commensurate with what we demand and what they achieve, writes Peter Smith, Dean of Medicine. 

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If we want to cure cancer we need to think like venture capitalists: backing big, radical ideas and taking commensurate risks, writes Peter Smith. 

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Children with the particularly lethal cancer neuroblastoma could benefit from potentially life-saving treatment, following breakthrough work led by UNSW medical researchers.VIDEO

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The biggest barrier to getting more medical graduates in regional areas is the lack of rural placements for interns, and campaigns for new medical schools are a distraction, writes Dean of Medicine Peter Smith.

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The newly elected President of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand has warned against politicians supporting new rural medical schools in the upcoming federal election campaign.

UNSW and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation are tackling the rising incidence of brain cancer by establishing a research facility in neuro-oncology.

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In an Australian first, UNSW medical students will be able to work towards specialisation in Pathology or Radiology while enrolled in their undergraduate program.