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A corporate tax cut might not bring the riches some supporters suggest, says Professor Peter Swan from the UNSW Business School.



New research by UNSW Professor of Finance Peter Swan refutes the benefits of a proposed cut to corporate tax.

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New research reveals not only why female traders buy and sell less than men, but that they may be better at it, writes Peter Swan.


Research shows that having experienced shareholders that use swing trading on boards is better for business than the independent directors required by the ASX, writes Peter Swan.


​​​​New research from the UNSW Business School reveals individuals can make better traders than institutions​​.


Any revenue gains from the move to amend or abolish the tax imputation system will prove illusory, writes Peter Swan.

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Advocates for unlimited debt – public or private – have failed to make their case, or even shown how it is possible without a breakdown of society, writes Peter Swan.

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Australians are more tolerant of inequality, including salaries, than most nations. This makes it easier to attract talented managers from the global pool, writes Peter Swan.

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Corporations everywhere are hoovering up petabytes of data in a bid to understand and predict consumer preferences. But are they missing the point? asks Peter Swan.

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All borrowing, whether domestic or foreign, entails a tax impost.This borrowing is only justified if it is to fund long-lived public goods that I, and others, benefit from collectively, writes Peter Swan.