Peter White

A Bellinger River turtle swimming

New knowledge about amphibian and reptile viruses will help us act faster to conserve threatened species.


A group led by UNSW's Peter White has unlocked the DNA of the cane toad. The world-first genome will help scientists understand how the toad spreads, how its toxin works, and provide new avenues to try to control its population. 


UNSW scientists have identified three new strains of highly contagious norovirus responsible for a major epidemic of viral gastroenteritis that has affected hundreds of thousands of Australians over winter.

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A process of viral mutation, known as “genetic drift”, could compromise efforts to combat the world's worst known epidemic of Ebola, writes Peter White.

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All food-borne disease outbreaks are frightening, but the good news for this one is that hepatitis A is rarely life-threatening, writes Peter White.