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The big story about the Australian Electoral Commission’s annual release of political donations disclosures is how little they really tell us, writes Lindy Edwards.


The public remains in the dark on political donations, UNSW academic Belinda Edwards has warned. 

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Australia sets a double standard when it comes to foreign influence, writes George Williams.

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Our political donations disclosure regime is so opaque we don’t really know who's paying how much and what they get in return, writes Lindy Edwards.

Political donations

Universities must remain non-partisan in order to avoid perverting the intent of the public dollars that underwrite them, write Gigi Foster and Paul Frijters.

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Full public funding for NSW election campaigns has immediate appeal, but closer inspection shows it's fraught with many problems, not in the least the huge cost to taxpayers, writes George Williams.

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The High Court's decision to strike down Premier Barry O'Farrell's political finance reforms comes as no surprise. What was unexpected was how the court reached this result, writes George Williams.