Professor Bill Randolph


The City Futures Research Centre’s new ARC Linkage Project will put the multi-unit housing sector under the microscope and propose specific changes to protect people buying units.


Affordable housing projects are being shaped by bespoke and constrained funding rather than actual needs, UNSW researchers have found.


UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre has received a national research award for its report on building equity into the redevelopment of old strata blocks. 


The urban renewal boosted by new strata laws is likely to be concentrated in Sydney's eastern and inner suburbs with the western suburbs likely to miss out, a new City Futures report shows.


NSW Minister for Planning Robert Stokes has called for an end to “mediocre” urban planning calling it “the enemy of greatness”.


The changes we can expect under the new Greater Sydney Commission and Urban Growth NSW portfolios will be the focus of discussions marking the 10th anniversary of UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre.

Left to the market, Sydney will become ever more polarised and unequal in the distribution of affordable housing and the good life, writes Professor Bill Randolph.