Professor George Williams


Debates about freedom of speech, privacy, anti-terror laws and ASIO powers make George Williams’ book urging a national charter of rights more timely than ever.


It is up to federal governments to recognise the value of providing legal assistance to the most disadvantaged in the community, writes George Williams.


The legal profession is not the bastion of equality that it should be, writes George Williams.

Law book

Legal challenges to the Senate eligibility of Bob Day and Rod Culleton will be among the recent cases dissected at the Gilbert + Tobin Centre's Constitutional Law Conference.


A wider range of students will have the opportunity to study Law at UNSW following an overhaul of the admission process.


We can thank a single-minded mother for nurturing the ambition of former Chief Justice of the High Court Sir Anthony Mason.


UNSW has announced the appointment of eminent constitutional lawyer Professor George Williams as the Dean of the Faculty of Law.


If we are willing to compensate those who were sexually abused as children, why not compensate Indigenous people wrongly removed from their families, writes George Williams.


Flaws in royal commission processes mean disquiet about Dyson Heydon's ongoing role will continue to provide fodder for political attacks, writes George Williams. 


What will the NSW Premier be prepared to give away to secure the Upper House support of the Reverend Fred Nile, asks George Williams.