Professor Richard Holden


Australia continues to create jobs, but wages aren’t keeping up and policymakers are running out of options, writes Richard Holden.


Richard Holden considers how Australia should navigate the current turbulent political and economic climate.


Housing credit is still propping up lending in Australia while the US economy goes from strength to strength, writes Richard Holden.


Richard Holden explains why central banks can't deal with simultaneous low unemployment and inflation.


There are signs our frothy housing market, combined with rising interest rates, could have serious consequences for our economy, writes Richard Holden.


Data released this week in Australia and the United States showed continued strength – or at least a lack of weakness – in consumer spending and unemployment, writes Richard Holden.


How Australia builds on its unique strengths at a time of rapid change and uncertainty will be discussed at a public forum at UNSW on 29 August.


From the disillusioned middle class to fake news, a Sydney Writers' Festival panel discussed how inequality has come to be a mark of the Trump presidency. 


Australia's gloomy economic outlook has not been helped by the big four banks' decision to hold back on interest rate cuts, writes Richard Holden. 


Who is right? Is Brexit a big economic deal or not? In the short-term, unlikely, in the longer term it will be much tougher, writes Richard Holden.