A sea sponge under water

DNA from the humble sea sponge is shedding light on the "dark matter" that makes up much of our genomes.

woman being shamed

Three young women attracted backlash after failing to quarantine and bringing COVID-19 into Queensland. But public shaming could discourage people from following public health advice.


Australia’s first Rental Vulnerability Index has revealed renters in regional areas of Queensland are suffering the highest incidence of rent vulnerability.

Wholly Dooley

A new fossil site in Queensland is home to a range of strange new species.


Given its flagship status, the Logan public housing project’s abandonment could be a serious setback for Australian housing and urban policy, writes Hal Pawson.

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Queensland’s appointment of Tim Carmody as Chief Justice of that state’s Supreme Court is, without doubt, the most controversial judicial appointment in the nation’s history, writes Andrew Lynch.

04 QLD newman Davis 1

We could look to Sweden for good design of a unicameral political system with safeguards against the kind of single-party dominance we see in Queensland, argues Fergal Davis.

AIDS ribbon inside

HIV infection rates are predicted to rise by up to 75 percent in parts of Australia in the next seven years if the current trends continue, according to University of New South Wales (UNSW) researchers, based at the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research (NCHECR).