Raphael Grzebieta


A 30-year career improving safety for road users has earned UNSW Professor Raphael Grzebieta a prestigious award. 


A UNSW study of quad bike safety has found that one in two riders has crashed and about two-thirds of crashes involved rollovers, putting riders at risk of serious chest injury and asphyxiation.


Farmers and other workers who ride quad bikes are being strongly encouraged by UNSW scientists to participate in a new online survey to assist with research into the safety of quad bike use in the workplace.


Drivers are being sought to have their cars fitted with world-leading technology as part of a $4 million UNSW-led study into everyday driving behaviour.


Helmet oped

Surely it would be irresponsible to do anything but continue down the path of making cycling safer. Keeping helmets and building more cycleways is unquestionably the way to go, write Jake Olivier, Scott Walter and Raphael Grzebieta.


The combined effect of compulsory helmets for riders and providing cycleways and other infrastructure has reduced by about half the serious head-injuries associated with cycling in NSW.

Bicycle-related head injuries fell significantly in the months after mandatory helmet laws came into effect, and calls for a repeal should be rejected, new research shows.

A study to find out where, when and how cyclists ride and the incidents they experience will provide evidence for future government transport policy and planning, UNSW researchers say.