Someone holding a sign saying 'religious discrimination not in my nation'.

Despite Australia’s long history of a secular government, this bill might create a future that segregates people based on their faith and beliefs.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

UNSW Art & Design lecturer and ceramicist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran creates colourful sculptures which draw on his Hindu and Christian heritage as well as the internet, pornography, fashion and art history.


The candidates, women's rights and the Free Trade Agreement with Australia are key in the Indonesian election, says UNSW Law's Associate Professor Melissa Crouch.


Originally designed to display service times or bible quotations, church signs are becoming a site of political commentary, tackling everything from pill testing to refugee rights.


The civil-religious function of natural science is to uphold and defend the belief in the eternity of nature, writes Miguel Vatter.

16 Williams religion istock crop

As the reaction to Ed Husic's swearing-in on the Koran shows, there's still work to do to educate people about their right to follow whichever religion they choose, writes George Williams.

Ckessler 0 0

It's no good to say acts like last week's horror in Woolwich have nothing to do with Islam. Muslims must own their history, cultivate what is good and make a stand against what is not, argues Clive Kessler.

Thethreshold still

A meditative video of a young girl playing in a Turkish mosque has won COFA graduate Fabian Astore this year’s Blake Prize for Religious Art.


Jury trial is about involving the community in the process of determining guilt or innocence. So why did a UK court prohibit a woman in a veil from fulfilling her civic duty, asks Dr Fergal Davis.

Blake prize inside

A video work showing Sufi Muslims chanting has won UNSW@COFA graduate Khaled Sabsabi the Blake Prize for Religious Art.