Research into driver training, Indigenous access to justice, the Internet of Things and the origins of Australia’s modern fauna are among 83 UNSW projects awarded more than $32.7 million in ARC funding.


Australia's transition from resource to knowledge-based economy is dependent on university research. Failing to engage China in innovation is not an option, writes Brian Boyle

medical research equipment

When a new treatment becomes available for a particular health condition it is tested to see whether it’s effective for its intended purpose, write Kathleen J Lee, Elaine Mary Pascoe, Laurent Billot and Sabine Braat


Australia has unique advantages when it comes to attracting the best and brightest and harnessing their talents, writes Merlin Crossley.


Professor Les Field, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, has announced he will step down from his leadership position at the end of 2017 after nearly 13 years in the UNSW Executive.


UNSW is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Ana Deletic to the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research).


UNSW is ranked in the Top 20 most international universities.


From wearable sunburn sensors and radical environmental justice, to predicting deluge patterns and stopping HIV in its tracks, UNSW's inspiring young researchers are changing the face of the city.


The law assumes franchisees do their financial and legal homework when it comes to signing up to a chain, but research shows franchisees are often overconfident and ignorant of the risks, writes Jenny Buchan.


UNSW and Tata Consultancy Services have announced an agreement to pursue research collaborations in areas such as machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, data analytics and cloud computing.