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Our continued recovery depends on how much we spend and how quickly we get the vaccine.

Economy 2020

Weak GDP growth and the US-China trade dispute remain prominent economic challenges for 2020 according to UNSW's Professor Richard Holden.


When the Reserve Bank considers the numbers around inflation, it knows it has little choice but to act, says Professor Richard Holden.


Persistently low inflation puts the Reserve Bank in a difficult position where the right thing to do might be doing nothing at all, writes Richard Holden.


Renowned banking and finance authorities will debate key issues, share research and discuss disruption in the global financial system at this week's Australasian Finance and Banking Conference.


The market welcomed statements from the US Federal Reserve and the RBA, but there isn't much to be happy about.

finance systems

Strengthening supervision of the global financial system is just as important as new regulations for maintaining stability, Reserve Bank of Australia Deputy Governor Philip Lowe has told a UNSW Business School conference.


The US economy is looking healthy, but in Australia there’s only so much monetary stimulus can do when it comes to low inflation, writes Richard Holden.


Australia's gloomy economic outlook has not been helped by the big four banks' decision to hold back on interest rate cuts, writes Richard Holden. 

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RBA Governor Glenn Stevens isn’t buying the secular stagnation theory, lending weight to the deficit hawks, writes Richard Holden.