Richard Holden

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A Trump presidency will create a lot of uncertainty about many aspects of the economy and that is bad for confidence and investment, writes Richard Holden.


​The RBA keeps interest rates on hold and China delivers good news, but there are still pockets of concern in global economies, writes Richard Holden.

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Inflation has been stubbornly low in Australia, and the RBA remains concerned about a high Australian dollar, writes Richard Holden.

Hillary Clinton

Despite the rhetoric, Hillary Clinton's economic plans are mostly centrist, largely sensible and hardly stuff of the radical left, writes Richard Holden.


The Nobel committee has shown impeccable taste in honouring two giants of the discipline who have inspired a generation of scholars and spurred a flurry of research, writes Richard Holden.


Interest rates remain unchanged in Australia this week, reflecting an economic holding pattern around the world, as the US presidential election carries on, writes Richard Holden.


Donald Trump’s criticism of the US Federal Reserve has economists worried, writes Richard Holden.

Janet Yellen

The new RBA Governor reminds the government of its role in keeping the economy on track, and Janet Yellen holds steady on US interest rates, writes Richard Holden.

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This week: everyone awaits the US Fed decision, and the Australian economy continues to deliver mixed, but on the whole positive, signals, writes Richard Holden.

wall cracks

The RBA leaves rates on hold, Australia gets a GDP growth spurt from pre-election spending, and the IMF lays the groundwork for a lowering of global growth expectations, writes Richard Holden.