Richard Holden


Jobs data lowers the likelihood of a US interest rate hike, Australian business investment beats expectations, but retail trade remains flat, writes Richard Holden.


The US Federal Reserve's annual meeting will signal interest rates, and ultimately the path of the Aussie dollar, writes Richard Holden.

Richard Holden

Governments have never been good at deciding how many people can study what, writes Richard Holden.


The US economy is looking healthy, but in Australia there’s only so much monetary stimulus can do when it comes to low inflation, writes Richard Holden.


A generation – 25 years – of continuous economic growth in Australia, and some excellent central banking, has led to collective complacency, writes Richard Holden.


A large chunk of economic data was released this week and while nothing was shocking or terrible, there is mounting evidence the world’s economic growth problem is entrenched.


Long-time taxi licence holders should not receive taxpayer funded financial compensation if ride-sharing services such as Uber become legal, a new report commissioned by Uber suggests.

train set

The most interesting numbers at the moment are the yields on long term government securities, writes Richard Holden.

credit rating

The RBA leaves rates on hold, while consumers stand on the sidelines, and ratings agency S&P isn’t convinced of the government’s ability to reduce the budget deficit, writes Richard Holden.

Brexit vote

Serious problems may loom. And not just from a possible vote from the Brits to leave the European Union, writes Richard Holden.