Richard Holden


The Australian economy exceeds expectations, while China continues to worry. RBA Governor Glenn Stevens has reason to smile, Janet Yellen less so, writes Richard Holden.


In 2015 I wrote a plan that uses the power of markets to tackle the housing affordability problem. Curiously, it's been booed by a pro-market government and welcomed by the Labor Party, writes Richard Holden.


The lack of evidence of the long-trusted relationship between the labour market and GDP growth is particularly puzzling, writes Richard Holden.


The ALP has based its negative gearing policy on a paper by UNSW Economics Professor Richard Holden.

rock climbing

It is a week of waiting, watching, and holding our breath, writes Richard Holden.

stock crash

More turmoil and volatility in markets is predicted over the coming weeks and months, which may be good news for hedge fund managers, but not too many others, writes Richard Holden.

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The key economic news this week focussed on what the United States Federal Reserve did with interest rates, and what the Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to do, writes Richard Holden.


The announcement of two important and, it turned out, depressing pieces of economic data is more evidence that advanced economies are suffering from secular stagnation, writes Richard Holden.


Encouraging confidence in northern Australia development is not the same as picking winners, writes Richard Holden.


Malcolm Turnbull could lead bold and important reforms in five key areas: the GST, childcare, infrastructure, university funding and the environment, writes Richard Holden.