Richard Holden

negative gearing

As a relatively obscure tax deduction, negative gearing is neither evil nor an inalienable right of those doughty souls prepared to 'have a go', write Richard Holden and Sam Crosby.


Of the many lessons the Coalition took from last year’s budget, the most lingering must surely be the importance of winning support from the Senate crossbench, writes Richard Holden.


We can’t expect the budget to be a perfect predictor of debt and deficits – not even one year ahead. But we should at least make sure we’re not conned by the treasurer, or commentators, writes Richard Holden.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey need to get their budget stories straight because neither the public nor the party room will tolerate being treated like fools, writes Richard Holden.


Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser wasn’t a visionary in the economic sphere, but he did steady the ship, writes Richard Holden.


The government pays for many activities, but does it have to own them as well? It's possible to make arguments in favour – but none apply to electricity poles and wires, writes Richard Holden.


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There is one simple solution to the debate on making childcare more affordable in Australia, writes Richard Holden.

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If Abbott fails to hold on to leadership, history will record it was economics that did him in, writes Richard Holden.

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What are the economic implications for Australia if Malcolm Turnball replaced Joe Hockey as treasurer, ask Tim Harcourt and Richard Holden.

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The nation has been transfixed by the crisis over the Liberal leadership and hence prime ministership since Australia Day, write Tim Harcourt and Richard Holden.