Rob Nicholls

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It probably won't surprise you that if you ask Alexa to give you the best price on a product, the assistant will usually direct you to what's available on Amazon.

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If you check a website multiple times for a flight on a specific date, the seller might assume this is the only date you're interested in and increase the price on offer.


Open banking will allow customers to use their data in a range of ways, including seeing how they are faring financially against people in similar situations, writes Rob Nicholls.

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Bank customers usually stay with their bank despite scandals in the sector, but new tech that gives consumers more information might help them switch, writes Rob Nicholls.


Promoting competition between banks could mean a better experience for customers, writes Rob Nicholls.


UNSW research shows that Australia is collecting more telecommunications metadata per capita than comparable nations, putting national security interests ahead of privacy concerns. 


Banking scandals have forced the major parties in this election campaign to tackle policy on business and finance regulation, writes Rob Nicholls


Smaller super funds are just as efficient as some of the very largest, bucking industry belief that biggest is best, writes Rob Nicholls.