Rosalind Dixon


The Grand Challenge on Inequality has hit the ground running, with a student-led hackathon, a giant book club and a range of events locked in for 2017.


Inequality is at the heart of much of the world's political and social upheaval, according to the leads of UNSW's latest Grand Challenge. 


The new judicial appointments to the highest courts of Australia and the United States will bring more continuity than change to their respective courts, writes Rosalind Dixon.


There is good reason to criticise Attorney-General George Brandis and his government for apppointment failures with the royal commission into juvenile detention, writes Rosalind Dixon

Rosalind Dixon

Debate about the kinds of judges we want on on our highest courts, their values and how they are appointed, is valuable for democracy, writes Rosalind Dixon.


Since the 1970s, most countries in Latin America have made the transition from military regimes to functioning but often troubled democracies. These hard-fought gains must not be reversed, write David Landau, Brian Sheppard and Rosalind Dixon.

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We may need to rethink the nature and purpose of a law degree, write Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon.

Rosalind Dixon

One of the world’s finest legal minds is turning her thoughts to how laws shape democracy.