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Cultural change is needed in our major banks, from how CEOs define their organisation's purpose, to how employees are rewarded, writes Ross Buckley.

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The government needs to rethink its policy and impose the levy, not on deposits, but far more broadly on bank balance sheets. Otherwise, it is simply making it easy for banks to pass on this new cost to customers, write Mary Dowell-Jones and Ross Buckley.


Africa leads the way with mobile money where financial value stored on electronic devices can be used for transactions outside the banking system. But overregulation could stop the innovation in its tracks.


While it is better to join now than not, we have lost respect and influence by procrastinating on membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, writes Ross Buckley.

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is the beginning of a second international economic architecture, and Australia should and must be involved, writes Ross Buckley.

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Australia's presidency of the G20 is the government's opportunity for some real foreign policy achievements. But to do this, Tony Abbott needs to start running with the ball, writes Ross Buckley. 

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The banks are howling in protest but the new levy on bank deposits is a good idea that should have been introduced in 2008, writes Ross Buckley. 

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If China acts clearly and forcefully to renounce North Korea's aggression, it will reap the rewards of a big increase in regional influence, writes Ross Buckley.