Russell Lowe

Virtual interior architecture exhibit in warehouse

The Luminocity exhibition showcases the UNSW Built Environment design experience from humble beginnings to the global stage.

the sims mobile game

The link between the life simulation game and architecture is closer than you might think.


An award-winning, virtual reality training platform designed to help reduce accidents on construction sites has been adopted by industry in Asia with interest from Australia.

17 Crysis

A world-first interactive replica of Sydney’s CBD created with commercial gaming technology is providing a prototype for international urban planning and security.

Lanewayart inside

Patrons of an interactive bar designed by two UNSW architects can enjoy a drink and literally feel 'under the weather' as they experience the virtual effects of climate change.

Research using computer gaming technology to help protect Australia from terrorism is among several UNSW projects funded in the latest round of Linkage Grants from the Australian Research Council.

Lowe Russell inside

If you want to see the future of architecture, take a good look at the world of computer games, says Russell Lowe, a lecturer in architectural computing in the Faculty of the Built Environment.

Russell Lowe, a digital technology expert specialising in repurposing computer gaming technology to aid architectural design, will host a forum on digital architecture on 28 August.