A child wearing helmet and motorcycling gear does a wheelie on a dirt track

Safety of off-road motorcycles needs more attention as study shows two-wheelers account for more hospitalisation of children in NSW than quad-bikes.

Cycling lane

Before jumping behind the wheel, we should consider other modes of transport, say UNSW experts.


UNSW researchers have welcomed a NSW government call to introduce a national five-star safety rating system for quad bikes, to help save lives on farms. 


Radically different thinking is required in the construction industry if perennial problems like safety, productivity, industrial relations and gender diversity are to be addressed, writes Martin Loosemoore.

Respect students

UNSW has launched a new campaign to prevent sexual assault and harassment, partnering with all Australian universities on a major national initiative.


There is persuasive evidence of a connection between truck driver pay and safety, writes Michael Quinlan.


The promotion of cycling must include significant investment in infrastructure and law reform that legitimises the cyclist as an equal and vulnerable road user, write Gabrielle Appleby and Adam Webster.

Nurul Ibrahim

Drivers who use hand-held or hands-free mobile phones are up to nine times more likely to be involved in a crash. Could in-built voice control be the solution? UNSW transport safety researcher Nurul Ibrahim wants to find out.

Male cyclist in helmet generic 1

Riding through red lights, pedalling onto footpaths... new research shows cyclists break road rules to stay safe.

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Older and less able residents who are having difficulty improving access to their flats are to benefit from the findings of UNSW research.