same-sex marriage

Ireland Marriage Equality

The battle over same-sex marriage may be, at least in part, about the price of sex, writes Rob Brooks. 


Malcolm Turnbull must hope the Senate blocks moves to hold a plebiscite, saving him from having to follow through on a policy that he knows is a step in the wrong direction, writes George Williams.

Same-sex marriage

The history of marriage and same-sex relationships spans millennia, but the political manifestation of same sex marriage is a strictly modern concept, writes Denton Callander.

Holding hands

It's been argued Australia should follow Ireland's lead on same-sex marriage and hold a referendum to bypass an unwilling Parliament. While the sentiment is positive, the idea is flawed, writes George Williams.

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While the ACT lost this battle, the High Court's decision makes it clear the Australian constitution allows marriage to change over time to include people of the same sex, writes George Williams. 

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No state going it alone can bring about full marriage equality, but there are nonetheless good reasons for NSW to begin Australia's journey down this path, writes George Williams. 


While the Commonwealth is unlikely to permit same-sex marriage, this doesn't mean the debate is over, as states and territories are likely to continue to pursue marriage equality, writes George Williams.